Promotional SMS


Promotional SMS are basically the SMS that are sent for the purpose of effective marketing such that you are able to get the affordable solutions of marketing in the most appropriate manner. To promote your own client in best possible way.

We are the best bulk SMS providers in Delhi that serve their services globally. We have our hands on bulk SMS services i.e. Easy Go SMS and promotional SMS services. We also provide SMS gateway and Bulk SMS API (Application Programing Interface).Thousands of customers trust Easy Go SMS for Bulk SMS Services .

Advantage of Promotional SMS Services:

  • Delivery Report - Here you can check sent sms to customers delivery report. here also check whose cutomer have recieved sms or not
  • Send SMS 24×7 - you can send sms 24×7 days you hove not any restrictions to send bulk transactions sms
  • Customized SMS - you can also sent customizes sms through this pannel
  • Regional language - you cal send sms in all regional languages eg:- Hindi, urdu, bengali, punjabi, telgu etc
  • API Integration - we have Integrate SMS APi in you software and website which you cant sent SMS and promote your business.
  • 100% Delivery SMS - If you sent SMS to customer then 100% sms delivered, and you can check delivery report.
  • Schedule SMS - When you send SMS message needs to future. You can schedule your SMS text messages to be sent at a future date and time up to a year.