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Bulk SMS Feature

  • Unlimited SMS Validity
  • SENDER ID should come in 6 pure alphabets only
  • We provide high speed to deliver your SMS.
  • Can send SMS 24*7
  • Can Send SMS in Hindi, English or any other regional language
  • Schedule SMS as per your convenient time.
  • Can send 50,000 SMS in once
  • Check proper report according to date/month.
  • We rely on integration of Powerful



What is Bulk SMS Services?

Bulk SMS

is simply the delivery of a huge quantity of text messages to a user's mobile phone. It's a powerful tool for communicating with customers at any stage of their journey. Despite the fact that this type of marketing has been around for a long time, it is still the most successful strategy to reach out to your customers, enhance customer engagement, and encourage conversions. Text messages are opened 98 percent of the time, whereas emails are only opened 22 percent of the time. That means that if you want to communicate with your customers, which you obviously want, an SMS is considerably more likely to succeed than an email.

Why is Bulk SMS Services effective?


bulk SMS messages

to your customers is quick and inexpensive. Because the vast majority of people carry their phones with them all day, SMS provides the best opportunity for your message to be read. According to additional research, nine out of ten users read text messages within three minutes of getting them. Even if users merely view the message to silence the buzzer and turn off the blinking incoming message signal, the messaging and unique offers contained within may soon entice them. Furthermore, text message are well-known for delivering time-sensitive communications reliably, making them your best choice for increasing client engagement.

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS

gateway is used to send out mass sales and marketing text messages in order to promote a company's brand, products, and services. Sales in-store and online. Events such as invitations and pre-sale tickets, customer days, product launches, and so on are all examples of

promotional bulk SMS

●   Marketing and sales communications are included in

promotional SMS

●   To deliver

promotional SMS

, the operator creates a Sender ID
●   Every ID is one-of-a-kind and is made up of numeric digits.
●   Customers can choose when they want to receive

promotional text messages


Promotional SMS

can be send in between 9am-9pm.

Promotional SMS

can be send by auto- filtration.
● Customers are informed about the latest bargains, offers, discount coupons, and other advertising offerings via

promotional SMS


Promotional SMS

is one of the most versatile and cost-effective methods of reaching out to clients.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS

are ones that are required for the user to receive, it's also known as service messages. These communications provide only the facts that clients require, not any

promotional or marketing messages

In India,

transactional SMS

can be used to send strictly

transactional SMS

pertaining to business, updates, member information, payment reminders, bank notifications, and information to parents. Stock updates, notification of rented vehicles, ticket booking updates, membership management, online shopping, and opt-in member offers We can also incorporate

bulk SMS api

into your programme to assist you market your company.

Transactional Messages

can be easily send to

DND and Non- DND Numbers

●   Get 6 Characters Alpha Sender ID as per your company, business or brand.
●   One can easily deliver the urgent information.

Transactional SMS

can be sent for at any time of constraint.

Transactional SMS

can be delivered instantly without any hassle.
●   You can send

Transactional SMS

, without taking any approval.
●   Real Time message delivery and report
●   Supports multiple connectivity as per service provider.
●   Get the delivery on All Indian mobile subscribers.
●   24X7 support to the user.
●   No Monthly Rent, No Setup Fee, No Inter-connectivity Charges.


Long Code

, sometimes known as a Long Number, is a 10-digit virtual phone number that businesses can use to send and receive SMS and MMS messages, as well as make and receive voice calls. Short codes are more expensive to use.

Long code

is a 10-digit number that can be used for premium services and is supposed to be easy to remember. This

long code

allows you to use the same number with multiple keywords to work with each operator. These keywords can be your company's or product's name, similar to those shown on TV commercials (e.g., OFFER-> 8886100007), and a premium charge set by the cell operators will apply.
The code is lengthy. One of the most powerful marketing tools in the world is the

SMS gateway

. You can communicate with your consumers wherever they are if you receive a keyword on SMS long code 8886100007.

Competitions & Voting

Product & Service Feedback

Campaigns & Promotions

Global Company Availability

Promotional Activities

Direct Response/Reply Channel

SMS-to-email applications

SMS multi-party chat services



short code

is a 5-6 digit number to which an SMS text message can be sent.

A 5-6 digit phone number used by firms to operate text message marketing campaigns is known as an

SMS short code

. By texting a keyword to a company's short code, customers can opt in to these promotions. Businesses then send these opted-in subscribers automated SMS messages.
To interact with an

SMS short code

, a customer must first compose a new text message on their phone and send it to the brand's SMS short number.

SMS campaigns

Alert services

Enter SMS competitions




Where can we use Bulk SMS Marketing?


Health & Pharmacy