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Bulk OBD Services (Voice Call)

Have you wondered how fast the world is moving?
It's important to put your brand directly in the hearts of your audience. There are different ways to promote your business.

Bulk voice calling services

is a very important marketing tool, but they are rarely used by Indian companies. EASYGOSMS offers a well-known

bulk voice calling service

in India. Run your own campaigns and find great marketing leads. EASYGOSMS is one such

bulk voice call service provider

that guarantees the most successful call delivery in the least amount of time. You can call lacs of your customers by just pressing a button from your online panel

Voice SMS

helps you to build up your business. You can use our services to send important announcements, alerts or reminders, social campaign messages, business or marketing campaigns, the latest offers, and product and service updates. You can let your customer know about your important events. We generally ensure that large numbers of

voice calls

are delivered to many people in the fastest and fastest way.



Customized voice calls in different languages.


Appointment Reminder & Confirmation


Lead Generation through OBD Calls


Product Promotions & promotional Campaigns


Improves Customer Service by OBD Calls


Surveys & Feedbacks

What is Voice Call Messaging?


pre-recorded messages, voice call services

make it simple to reach customers. With a few clicks, you may create your

audio message

and automate the dialling process. Using a bulk voice calling service, you can easily monitor and keep track of calls
  Use our services to communicate crucial information, such as
  Voice Call helps you in sending

Benefits Of Bulk Voice Call Marketing:

There are many benefits of

Bulk Voice Call Marketing, Bulk voice call

is transferred to many of your prospects through fully automatic web based system.
The entire process is automated and no operator is involved in this.

Customer Friendly:

Bulk Voice Call system is Customer friendly.

Automatic Dialer:


voice call

software contains

an automatic dialer

that automatically obtains the data and contact the prospects. It also reduces the error possibilities.

Multiple languages:

Another feature that distinguishes it from the competition is its multilingual capability. Unlike other platforms, you are not limited to use Hindi or English. It allows you to communicate with your users in their native tongue, such as Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Gujarati, and so on. This is one of the most successful and efficient methods of reaching out to potential and local clients. It also provides users with a tailored and engaging experience.

DND & Non- Filtered Gateways:

In a

voice calling system

, the filter that separates

DND customers

is always present in the software. Though you can use them if they're important and the chances of getting a favourable reaction are high, it's the responsibility of the marketer's left hand to figure out where you're most likely to obtain a positive answer.

Schedule Calls:

Another feature it offers is the ability to

schedule calls

. There's no need to keep dialling the phone number. You may

schedule calls

using our advanced software, which allows you to set up a call scheduling system that dials customer calls at the time you specify. You may also use it to track your progress and scale your results. The dashboard displays all of the information.

No Dialer No Agent:

There is no need for an agent because, as previously said, it is an

automatic phone dialling

system with all contact numbers saved in the programme. Furthermore, there is

no agent

present throughout the phone calls or talks. It has capabilities that automatically dial the consumer without the need for human intervention.

Send notifications as needed:

Voice calls also make reminder calls to customers, ensuring that no opportunity to gain a competitive advantage is overlooked. It is used by businesses to remind clients of their invoices, EMIs, insurance premiums, and other obligations.

Key Benefits Of Using EASYGOSMS Bulk Voice Call

Answered Calls are only billed

No need to pay for the calls which are not being picked up.

Excellent Call Quality

Voice calls work better than the traditional call.

High rate of Call answered

Everyone is active on phone and there are high chances of call being answerd.

Cost Effective Market
Your customer can listen to your


by just receiving a call and gets the proper information.
Voice Call IVR

Send pre-recorded messages to your customer’s with Easygo’s IVR number.

Voice Call on all Indian Numbers:

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How Voice Can Help Your Business

Customize your language and messages to appeal to customers in any part of India.
All expensive charges and additional expenses will be eliminated thanks to cloud telephony technology.
Streamline all calls, manage


effortlessly, and execute them successfully.

Schedule calls

based on the availability of your target audience.

Large databases

can be stored in the system. There is no need for human intervention.
With good connectivity, send quality

audio recorded messages

The whole

voice service

is available on the go. The service is not disrupted by the change of location.

Voice programme

is quite functional and allows you to handle everything in one location.


are more receptive to brand messages delivered via

voice calls



has shown to be an efficient means of


with your consumers.

The voice calls are used worldwide in almost every industry. Here we have the names of the few industries it’s used:


Banking & Financial Services

Payment Reminders Lead Generation Service Calls customer feedback


Insurance Companies

Premium Reminders Cross-Sell/Up-sell Customer Feedback



Appointment Reminders Follow-up Calls Patient Feedback


Political Parties

Election Campaigns Awareness campaigns Enrollment & Registration


Service Industry

Scheduled Service Calls Payment reminders Service Feedback



Emergency Announcements Public Awareness initiative Promotional Campaigns

How It Works?

  1. Create the Campaign Flow
  2. Upload the list of contacts in .csv
  3. Upload the wave file
  4. Schedule the campaign
  5. Start the campaign