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Bulk WhatsApp Services


is well-known in India and throughout the world.


is used by almost everyone who owns a smartphone. And people check their

WhatsApp messages

more than any other app on their phone. So why don't you take advantage of this platform to market and expand your company? In India, we provide a ready-to-use web-based

WhatsApp marketing service

. The nicest feature is that you don't have to pay for channels. You only need to purchase credits to get started. Your WhatsApp messages will be broadcast instantly, and you will be able to read the campaign report online. What better method to market your business in India than by using our

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing Services

in India to send Images with Caption and Video with Caption messages? We offer a comprehensive, user-friendly web-based service.

What is Bulk Whatsapp?


bulk WhatsApp service

is one the most powerful and effective marketing instrument. The

WhatsApp Marketing Campaign

provides us with a strategy for growing your business. We assist our clients with

WhatsApp promotions

by providing content and creativity that will help them to attract more customers to their business.

What are the benefits of using Bulk Whatsapp?

You can send PDF, Excel, JPEG, DOC, and other files as attachments over


. If a customer chooses to receive more information, you can send more information and share attachments in


on demand. By signing up for

bulk SMS on WhatsApp

, you may send company profiles, brochures, catalogues and detailed information to more people and generate more leads.

Bulk WhatsApp Allows you to share

●   Images: To attract customers' attention, upload an image of your goods with a description as an image file.

●   Sheets in Excel: Employees, stakeholders, and colleagues may access company data via Excel attachments.

●   Graphics: To attract and engage people with your product or service, provide visual assets.

●   PDF’s: The most secure file format for sharing your company profiles with tens of thousands of consumers is PDF.

●   Catalogues: Bulk

WhatsApp services

may be used to send product catalogues to your consumers.
●   Secured: Using Bulk

WhatsApp services

is secured way, as


gives end to end encryption.
●   High Open Rate: Using

WhatsApp services

will provide you high open rate, as 70-80% of messages are opened instantly.

Features of Bulk Whatsapp Marketing

●   No need to save numbers, you can directly send

WhatsApp Message

to your prospects.
●   You can send personalized message to your prospects to greet them on special occasions.
●   It can be used globally.
●   Multi language messages are available.
●   You can schedule


message to send it later on.
●   Share corporate data in the most secure file format available, PDF.
●   No more print ads; instead, promote your product online.
●   Get a report on who viewed your message based on analytics.
●   Product attachments such as DOC, XLSX, PDF, and PPT can be used to


the product.
●   To get more attention from


, present you’re offering graphically.

Advantages of Bulk WhatsApp

●   Marketers use Bulk WhatsApp Marketing for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is the low cost. To use this online marketing tool, you'll need internet access and the ability to send text, audio, and video files for free.
●   WhatsApp is one of the safest bets in terms of data security because it uses encrypted message transmission and users can be confident that their data or information will not be shared with third parties.
●   If we compare Bulk whatsApp marketing to other mediums, than it is advantageous in getting quick replies and feedbacks from the customers.
●   Marketers can use bulk WhatsApp marketing to send fast surveys and polls to get a better idea of demand for their products or services.
●   One of the key benefits of Bulk WhatsApp Marketing for internet marketers is one-on-one engagement with potential consumers.
●   WhatsApp is a free messaging app that is accessible in over 50 languages and is used by practically everyone on a regular basis. Bulk WhatsApp Marketing has become more advantageous as a result of this attribute.
●   Bulk WhatsApp Marketing enables advertisers to jump-start their WhatsApp marketing plan and take their brand to the next level by allowing messages to be delivered instantly.
●   Bulk WhatsApp Marketing supports all devices and allows you to send messages even to DND numbers.

Template Messages

Business Initiated Notification

Can be sent only to opt-in customer

Has to be pre-approved by WhatsApp

Can be used to send important alerts

Enriched with WhatsApp existing features

Keep customers informed anytime, anywhere real-time

Send updates, service reminders and other services messages

Can not be used for sending promotional messages

Session Messages

Can initiate anytime

Enables support teams to respond instantly to customer queries

Respond with automated replies or personalize conversation

Share rich media for quicker resolutions

Messaging session starts when a user sends your application a message, and lasts for 24 hours from the most recently received message